Innovation in our blood

An indisputable protagonist in the history of Cunicarn has been its constant innovation, a factor that has enabled us to grow and lead the sector, introducing technical improvements, process improvements and new products.

10 innovations that have made us leaders

  • 1985 Pioneers in importing hybrids (HyPlus).
  • 1987 Pioneers in implementing the 24hr breeding doe system.
  • 1992 EEC Certification of the rabbit abattoir.
  • 2002 Launch of 1st range of rabbit packaged in a protective atmosphere (+12 days shelf life), thus enabling access to the nationwide market.
  • 2003 New raw materials for rabbit feed.
  • 2005 Creation of trends in packaging.
  • 2006 Automation and robotization of plants.
  • 2007 Launch of line of pre-cooked dishes..
  • 2007 -2011 Structuring and presidency (until 2010) of the Interalimentario Food Forum..
  • 2012 -2013 Launch of the Star 16.86 Project in the production sector and inauguration of the first farm in the Star 16.86 project (La Volta).