The 21st century’s farm

Star 16.86 Project

The Star 16.86 Project, first conceived in 2010 and brought to fruition in 2012, has one clear goal: the sustainability of rabbit farms. By means of technical improvements and production processes on farms, it is possible to increase productivity notably and improve the outcomes in all aspects: economic, social and environmental impacts, animal welfare and food safety.

Developed in collaboration with the IRTA, the Star 16.86 Project enables an increase in the productivity of rabbit farms, producing 16.86 kg of rabbit meat per inseminated doe, hence the name of the project.

This productivity target is achieved when farms transform their operation by applying correct and optimal systems for:

  1. Genetics,
  2. Health vacuum,
  3. Environmental control,
  4. Exhaustive biosafety measures,
  5. Correct handling of food and water,
  6. Weight at sale,

...which form the six pillars on which this project is based.