Our roots

History and Tradition

Spain is a land of rabbits. This is indicated by its very name, originally from the term i-spn-ya(Latinized as Hispania) used by the Phoenicians to refer to the Iberian Peninsula. In the Middle Ages, the monasteries encouraged the animal’s domestication, as it was previously considered solely wild game. Ease of access facilitated the consumption of rabbit meat, turning it into what it is today, a traditional and fundamental product in the Mediterranean diet.

Traditions with respect to rabbits are not limited to their consumption but also to their rearing. And Cunicarn has been in this sector since 1976. Ours is 100% family-owned business that started out with a first farm with 60 doe rabbits and one employee; nowadays it is an indisputable reference on the Spanish and European rabbit-breeding panorama.


  • 1976 Start of activities with the first rabbit farm
  • 1977 Commissioning of the Vimbodí abattoir
  • 1985 Pioneers in importing hybrids
  • 1987 Pioneers in implementing 24hr breeding does


  • 1992 EEC Certification of the rabbit abattoir
  • 1993 1st company to have an Artificial Insemination centre
  • 1996 Commissioning of a single-product feed factory for rabbits
  • 1998 Construction of Spain’s largest rabbit transformation centre
  • 1999 Business agreement with


  • 2002 Launch of 1st range of rabbit packaged in a protective atmosphere
  • 2006 Implementation in Galicia, covering the entire territory of Spain
  • 2007 Launch of pre-cooked dishes


  • 2007-11 Structuring and presidency (until 2010)of the Interalimentario Food Forum
  • 2012 Development and launch of the Star 16.86 project
  • 2013 Inauguration of the “La Volta” farm within the Star 16.86 Project and expansion of the project