Our priority

Food safety and quality

The basic pillars underpinning the strategy of the Cunicarn Group: 1) Food Safety, 2) Product quality, and 3) Animal Welfare and the Environment, complying with all national and international protocols and directives, and obtaining the maximum scores in all its audits and certification inspections.

The Quality Department manages the areas of Food Safety, Quality, Animal Welfare and the Environment.

Due to Cunicarn’s strong presence on the national market, it is essential to ensure food safety and product quality. For this reason, the company has invested time and effort in the IFS International Food Quality Certification (since 2012, the Food Safety Certification), ISO 14001:2015 certification (since 2010 in l'Espluga production plant by OCA Cert and since 2012 in Celanova's plant by AENOR), and certification by OCA CERT for process traceability.

The quality of the final product is also guaranteed through the traceability of the feed and genetics with which Cunicarn supplies its farms. Cunicarn has its own laboratory in which, every day, quality control checks are made on the genetics, feed and meat of all our production centres.


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